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Customs services
Customs services

Customs services

•  Free-of-charge customs audit  

We undertake free checking the processes of the client’s company and suggest the best solution for reducing the expenses and the time of administration. 


•  Takeover of the obligation of VAT-payment  customs clearance with indirect customs representation:

We take over the payment of import-VAT by the indirect customs representation, so our clients neither have to pay nor declare the VAT by this solution. It is a good possibility  for our clients to minimize their administrative and financing burdens.

•  Request for VPID number

•  Customs clearance:

Local customs clearance system (e-customs in import and export trade), customs clearance outside normal working hours

•   Customs warehousing services: 

Customs warehouse: The customs warehouse, as a facility under customs law, provides an opportunity to store (non Community) goods imported from third countries. During the period of storage, no obligation to pay customs debt and thus no obligation to pay VAT arises on non Community goods stored in such customs warehouses. There is no limit on the period of storage in a customs warehouse.  Goods may be removed from a customs warehouse at any time, by releasing them in free circulation or other customs procedures. If goods are removed from a customs warehouse by being released in free circulation the obligation to pay customs debt (and consequently to pay VAT on those imports) arises in the course of this customs procedure.

  • Temporary custody warehouse
  • Excise administration
  • VAT warehousing services:
        Buying without VAT?
        Selling without VAT?
        How does it work?

You can buy the goods without VAT then sell the shipments also without VAT using our VAT warehouse services. The purchase process has to be arranged inside of the territory of our VAT warehouse.

We issue a certificate about the fact of the procedure verified it by the National Tax Authorities. The seller and the buyer can prove VAT exemption of the invoice by this verified certificate.

After purchasing process the new owner of the goods can sell the goods again also without VAT at the territory of our VAT warehouse of course.
The advantages of the VAT warehouse:

  • Reducing of the charges
  • Strengthening the company on  the market
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Simplify the supply chain


About VAT Warehousing ( more information )

  • Duty refunds, overdue changes of customs valuations
  • Coordination with customs authorities
  • Outsourcing customs-agency work (outsourcing)
  • Subsequent customs procedures, adjustments ( more information )
  • Provision of Intrastat information
  • Declarations towards environmental product fees
  • Advice on customs related issues
  • Preparing expert’s opinions
  • Assistance with customs audits for our existing clients or any new clients on the basis of a request from an expert, in addition to providing an opportunity for prior company audits and the provision of information
  • Temporary imports
  • Monitoring technical legislation ( more information )
  • Excise administration
  • Intrastat report

Our licenses are:

 Status of authorised consignee.
•    Type ‘A’ public customs warehouse in simplified procedures with local customs clearance. 
•    Temporary storage warehouse license. 
•    License for ‘Release for free circulation in simplified procedures with local customs clearance’. 
•    Exporting through simplified procedures without lodging supplementary declarations and with local customs clearance. 
•    Electronic customs interaction. 
•    Self-assessment license. 
•    VAT warehouse license. 
•    Authorised Economic Operator – AEO status